I was recently away on a business trip to foreign parts when I had an inspired idea about setting up a blog. I can hear you saying what a crazy idea and have you not enough to be getting on with at the moment. Well I agree with you all on both counts but I thought that in the current economic climate that it was very much the time and place to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Never has the time been better for new ideas and innovation as change affects us all. Some of the old models remain absolutely critical to business and life but some of the old models have a very tired and obsolete air to them. There is also a very large clutch of negativity around that seems to be affecting many people.
So what areas and subjects do you think this blog should cover? Some subjects are obvious some are perhaps less so. These are just a sample of the topics.
Middle East

You may off course, split the various headings into many sub headings.
Let’s look at life honestly. What are not only your own personal best skills, qualities and abilities but that of your business, your country? What are the most important things that you do at work, and for your company? What are the most valuable contributions you can make personally to your business and life?

Let us imagine ourselves as doctors conducting a complete medical examination on your own body. Let us get to the bottom of things. Let us treat our business our life and our country as though it were a body as well. Let us get accurate information on every critical detail and use this as a baseline to determine our future actions. Be honest and objective at every step.