How to make sundial?

For anyone who enjoys reading books and learning more about history, how to make a sundial is something they will want to learn. Sundials have been around for a long time and are used all over the world. While making one isn’t difficult to do, it can take a lot of patience and practice.

The first thing you will need to make a sundial is a lead circle. You can make this out of cardboard or it can be made of other materials like plywood. The main thing you want to remember is that it must be made to be light enough to spin on its own without weight, but strong enough to stop any other object from falling on it.

Once you have made your lead circle, the next step is to measure the amount of latitude you are trying to accomplish with the how to make a sundial. Latitude is the angle between the shadow on the top of your sundial and the sun’s rays. For instance, if you have a ninety degree mark then the sun will cast a shadow ninety degrees across. Latitude is important when making your how to make a sundial because you want it to be able to tell time.

You should also use lines from your latitudes to define where the shadow will fall, since shadows are not evenly spread. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just remember that you will end up with a circular mark of the exact amount of latitude you need to follow.

Now the second step of how to make a sundial is to make a lead circle for the pointer. This is where you put your shadow. You want the pointer to be a few inches off the ground so that it can see the shadow as it goes down the lead circle. It is best to get a little more than you need since it will add up over time. Once you have made this, you should place a strip of plywood in between the lead circle and the ground.

Then start using a pencil to put the sun’s rays into the lead circle. If you have seen your sundial, you will know what the lead circle looks like. However, it is important to put the sunlight in the lead so that it will create a white dot in the middle of the circle. Using a pencil, will allow you to be able to do this more accurately.

The last step of how to make a sundial is to have your compass pointed directly at the compass rose. You will be placing the pointer at the rose in order to actually measure the distance from the sundial to the rose.